Belk:  Where Jobs in Data Science and Modern. Southern. Style. Meet

Data science is becoming increasingly more relevant and necessary in the marketing industry—especially in the fashion apparel and home goods merchandising sector.

As retail and companies begin to successfully merge numerical and social information into one all-inclusive report, we are better equipped to gauge what products customers are looking to purchase; the specific volumes in which these products are currently being bought; and what prices consumers are willing to pay for these goods.

Here at Belk, we have created numerous new job positions to those individuals who have an eye for design and a knack for data analytics.  Employees in our data science department are expected to be highly trained in researching and bundling large quantities of data, and presenting complex scopes of information in easily understandable, effective formats.

Belk’s jobs in data science hinge on data-driven analysis produced by key employees that include allocation analysts, allocation managers, directors of data science, retail replenishment staff members, and store planners.

These interdisciplinary positions that require both business sense, social awareness, and a working knowledge of mathematics help our Belk brand reach and exceed consumer expectations while maintaining optimal inventory allocation levels to increase overall company profitability.

Our team of allocation analysts and directors uses the latest retail market data including sales history patterns and recent sales trends to examine and strategically utilize store replenishment programs at Belk’s brick-and-mortar locations.

Along with other essential job functions that include having a working knowledge of merchandising software programs such as APO, RMS, and SPO, Belk’s allocation managers employ data-driven findings for store planning purposes, which encompasses making initial buys, restocking inventory, and optimizing store profitability through allocation management.

Although gathering sales history information is an imperative component in the data science industry, the ability to forecast future sales trends and company profit levels is crucial to long-term business success.

True to Belk’s reputation of being a stable company since 1888, we are looking for talented individuals to fill jobs in data science such as directors of data science and senior allocation analysts to bundle and present impactful financial and sales information that will successfully lead our brand into the future.

As technology takes precedence over hands-on consumer shopping experiences, Belk is looking to stay one step ahead of the field by having our top-level allocation analysts and directors work in collaboration with store planners and managers to optimize our company’s profits and merchandising capabilities.


Data Science Careers at Belk